Quintus 5-part hematology analyzer

Quintus brings together a high-quality instrument with integrated workstation, easy-to handle reagents and a large-format, user-friendly interface. It’s a complete 5-part hematology system delivering accurate and reliable CBC results with the choice of work-saving walk-away automation.

Outstanding user-interface

Plenty of room to display all 26-parameter results
plus scattergrams and histograms,
warnings, messages and flaggings

Only three reagents needed

Only three reagents are needed to operate Quintus
(Diluent, Lyse and Stopper),
with up to 24-month shelf-life.

The optional Quintus Autoloader

The Quintus Autoloader
has room for 100 samples and
comes with an integrated barcode reader

Quintus lacks nothing

Premium system solution boosted by total quality control

• Integrated workstation

• 100-sample Autoloader option

• Outstanding user-interface


Quintus analyzer is not for sale in the USA.